Wrongly Sentenced Nigerian, Itunu Babalola Dies In Ivory Coast Prison

The Nigerian government through relevant parastatals promised to get this girl back to Nigeria yet abandoned her in Cote d’Ivoire since her story became viral eight months ago. Madam Abike, well done o. You’re doing good

Itunu Babalola is dead, #justiceforItunu What happened? cause of death

We trended the #justiceforItunu that year thinking she will be freed but NIDCOM, Abike Dabiri & the ambassador of Nigeria to ivory cost abandoned Itunu to die in prison after she spent 8 months. What button have you been pressing for 8 month?

After reading her story. I feel really bad for her but I think she shouldn’t let it escalate to this point. I mean it was only a 15yr old boy, she should know her strength, this boy is a Citizen and a nephew to a senior police officer while she was an immigrant without a passport.

Nigerians wake up! Itunu is all of us. Boko Haram is killing us in Nigeria and leaving Nigeria is also no longer becoming safe for us because we have people in positions of power who are inept, who have no idea why they occupy an office diplomatically?

I swear bro!!! I know this is not tbe time to throw blames and all but she should have just taken the 100k equivalent they offered her and dipped the boy was just a little boy who they still feed at home she should have forgiven the small boy and accepted the 100k and advise him.

The worse now is that, you will see some government representatives or officials with cameras and their media crews visiting her mother for a condolence visit trying to make it look like they really care about the lady! I am sad about this news!

8 months of effort. 8 months of “Uncle David God bless you.” 8 months of hoping for Nigeria to prove me wrong FOR ONCE…

Itunu Babalola (Itunu Babalola), a Nigerian imprisoned in Côte d’Ivoire, the case originally appeared to be a scene in the screenplay of an imaginative novelist, but unfortunately it It happened to a Nigerian citizen living in Côte d’Ivoire.

Judging from the evidence collected by the media, Babalola had gone to the local police to report a case of the theft of N300,000 worth of property, but was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison. If justice and fairness are to be done, there are missing links in her story that need to be filled in correctly. It is obvious from the news reports that Itunu seems to be the victim of some kind of witch hunt or vendetta.

Questions related to her situation require urgent answers and should comply with standard diplomatic procedures. Her case is worthy of serious investigation, and the Nigerian Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant agencies should be interested in it.

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