Unlike Music Video Directors, Only A Girl Accused Me Of R*pe – Pretty Mike

  • Unlike Music Video Directors, Only A Girl Accused Me Of Rape – Pretty Mike
  • Pretty Mike who defended himself after calling out Clarence Peters, Paul Gambit and Unlimited LA, has stated that his case is different as only one girl accused him of rape unlike that of the top music video directors. According to Pretty Mike, more than 10 girls accused the top music video directors of taking advantage of them while in his case only one girl accused him of rape.

    He told Sunday Scoop;

    It was only a lady that accused me of sexually molesting her. If there were five or 10 ladies like in the case of the video directors, it would have been a different story. I didn’t just hear from one lady; more than 10 people made such accusations. And there is no smoke without fire. In my life, only a lady accused me of rape.”

    The Lagos socialite who disclosed that he was sure of his allegations, further stated; “I am in the industry and a lot of these girls are my friends. I get to hear these accusations many times. If you look at the comments on social media, girls came out publicly to say they were victims, or their friends were victims.”

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