The Top Most Populated Cities In Nigeria


Lagos is unarguably the most populous city in West Africa. It has remained and i believe it will still remain the most populous city in Nigeria for a very long time to come.
According to the 2006’s population census, lagos had a total of 7,682,953 but now that number have almost doubled. According to the Lagos State Government, the City’s population stands at 17.5 million population. Though this fact was dispited by the Nigerian Government and they judged it as unreliable true by the National Population Commission of Nigeria. According to the latest reports from the Lagos state government, Lagos is estimated to be at 21,642,797, making Lagos the largest city in Africa. According to an Official report, lagos is known to be the second fastest-growing city in the Africa continent and the seventh in the world.


Kano as it were is a commercial city. So with this fact, it is a sure ground populants. According to our reports, the kano city which is the capital territory of Kano state, is the second populous city in Nigeria. According to the official reports from the ministry of environment, the Kano urban area covers about 137 km2 and has a total of six local government areas (LGAs)
According to the last census conducted in 2006, Kano was estimated as at 2,828,86. Well, recent estimates by the state government of kano shows that Kano have increased by almost a million with 3,626,068 recorded recently. With this figure, Kano stands as second on the log.


Sometimes, i prefer calling this the ancient city of Ibadan. Ibadan, is the largest city in west Africa, and presumably, one of the largest in Africa.
Ibadan the Oyo state capital at the 2006 census conducted was at a population of 1,338,659. Between 2006 and now, there have been increase in he number of birth, and lots of influx of emigrants. With the latest figure which we collected from the Ministry in charge the population stood at 3,500,000.
During the year Nigeria gained independent, Ibadan the Oyo state capital was the largest city and most populated city in the country and was also the third largest and most populated in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg.


I know this will come as a shock to you. Abuja as it where, is the Nigeria’s capital territory. Abuja is situated at the center heart of Nigeria. Abuja is among the fastest growing city where commercial services can strive very well in Africa. The Abuja we are seeing today, is a masterpiece of Olusengun Obasanjo. At the last 2006 census conducted, it was reported that Abuja had a population of 776,298. With that figure then, Abuja stood as one of the 10 most populated country in Nigeria . Due to the influx of people to Abuja, it has led to the emergence of satellite towns around the city. These satellite towns includes Karu Urban Area, Suleja, Gwagwalada, Lugbe, Kuje etc.
Current report estimates Abuja to be at 3,000,000.


The River state capital as at the 2006, had a population of about 1,382,592.
From gatherings, the state government have not declared the status of the city’s population as of 2015.But wih indept research, it was discovered that PORT HARCOURT has up to 2million in population with an estimate of 1,947,000 as the total population of the moment.


Kaduna is a major hub in the Northern part of Nigeria. Kaduna the Capital territory of Kaduna state, as at the last conducted census in 2006, was at 760,084. is a city and the state capital of Kaduna State in Nigeria, The population of Kaduna was at 760,084 as of the 2006 Nigerian census. According to recent estimates the city now has about 1,652,844 as the total population.


This another ancient city in the old Oyo Empire. In 1991, Ogbomosho population was approximately 645,000 in but by March 2005, the result showed that it was estimated at around 1,200,000, but recently, Ogomoso’s population stands at 1,500,000.


This is the Ancient City of Benin where the king is king. According to the 2006 population census conducted, Benin City stood at 1,147,188. Benin City as it is called, is the capital territory of Edo State in southern Nigeria.According to our recent statistical report for Benin city, the total population is about 1,400,00.

9. ABA

Do we have the UMU NDI ABA in the house? The city is known for its commercial activities and therefore, attracts lots of people. Because of its commercial activities, it has led to the emergence of small towns around it.
In 2004 Aba had an estimated population of 1,020,900. But recent statistics shows that Aba is estimated to have a total population of 1,277,300.


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