Sowore Emerges AAC Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2019

  • Sowore Emerges AAC Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2019
  • The Publisher of Sahara Reporters and Convener of #TakeItBack Movement, Omoyele Sowore, has been elected the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) for the 2019 general election.

    Mr. Sowore was unanimously elected without opposition by members of the party on Saturday at its national convention that took place at Duplex Plaza, CMD, Shangisha, Lagos.
    The Ondo-born activist thanked the party delegates for supporting his dream to “take Nigeria out of mess.”

    “We must work to realise the dream of a new Nigeria, where we would be able to send our children to school and where the black man will be proud of the Nigerian nation. We must say enough is enough. Those who are taking Nigeria into the future are here with us.”

    He applauded Femi Falana, a Lagos-based Lawyer and rights activist, for supporting his ambition.

    “It would be impossible for me to graduate from the University of Lagos without him. We are not alone. We have people at the Diaspora and our ancestors who have gone with us. I thank those who have nominated and supported me in the journey to become the President of Nigeria”, he said.
    Reacting to Mr. Sowore’s candidature, Mr. Falana at the convention urged the party to elevate politics of ideas as against politics of money.

    “Elsewhere, when convention is taking place, dollars are being distributed. We must never allow some people take over our country. We must determine the destiny of our country with our own hand.

    “AAC, you must elevate politics to the platform of Nigerians. When others are distributing money we must be distributing ideas because it is only ideas that can eradicate politics in our country,” the senior advocate said.

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