South-east Group Vows To ‘physically Deliver’ Nnamdi Kanu To Police

  • South-east Group Vows To ‘physically Deliver’ Nnamdi Kanu To Police
  • The South-East Renewal Group (SERG) has berated Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), over his position on the 2019 general election.

    The group said Kanu’s declaration that there will be no election in the South-East, which he claimed to be ‘Biafra territory’, is a joke that should not be taken seriously.

    On Sunday, Kanu addressed a world press conference via an audio broadcast, 13 months after he vanished following a raid on his home by the military in September 2017.

    In the audio broadcast obtained by Sahara Reporters, Kanu stated that he was back and would “bring hell” upon his return.

    However, a statement by Charles Mbani, National President of SERG on Monday, rebuked Kanu for looking to “cause trouble for the people of South-East of Nigeria origin, who have spent the last one year rebuilding confidence with their neighbours in their bid to repair the damages caused by previous bellicose behaviour of him and his IPOB members”.

    It promised to “physically deliver him to the nearest police station for onward transportation to appear in court” if he ever sets foot upon the country
    SERG declared that Nnamdi Kanu and the faction of IPOB do not speak for the Igbo as a people.

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