Solomon Buchi slams social media user who implied he cried on his wedding day because his “Japa ticket is confirmed”

Social media influencer, Solomon Buchi, has slammed one Victorio Ifidom who insinuated that he (Buchi) cried on his wedding day because his Japa ticket is confirmed

  The self-acclaimed life coach and relationship expert tied the knot with his abroad-based partner,  Arike Adeola, a few days ago.   Buchi had taken to Facebook on Friday, February 3, to address those who said that it’s embarrassing for a man to cry at his wedding. However a commenter still disagreed with him, saying the only reason he cried was because he knew his relocation process  is now guaranteed through his wife. 

It’s poverty mentality to think that leaving this country, especially to the UK, is actually impossible for someone like me. At my level. LMAO. Purge yourself. And assuming it’s for Japa, go and woo a woman with a red passport nau. Afo nsi, he told the man.   

Read his post on the below? “Why will a man cry on his wedding day, its so embarrassing. No dear, its not embarrassing, its your brain that hanging. I cried on my wedding day because I’m human. Because in that moment, a lot flashed before me; all my struggles up until becoming a husband. I know where I come from, I know what I’ve be been through. I know the pain I’ve experienced. I know how many times I almost gave up. I missed my late moms presence. I wished she was there, because I always told her that I?d marry a woman like her. 

Its utterly disgusting and indicative of a cracked skull to think a man is weak for crying on his wedding day. Its such a big responsibility that tears aren’t enough to ask God for help to lead as godly men ought to. You that haven’t cried in 10 years, strong man. Why haven’t you won WWE world championship

What has your lack of tears in 40 years earned you The love from most people has been overwhelming, however, some e-diots have decided to be killjoys. Lastly, Ive seen agenda oh from the coven. They said I forced my name on my wife. How dare she bear a mans both names. Hello dear, I’ve always been an advocate of women CHOOSING if they wanna take their husbands name or not. It’s their choice. Thats my belief. And when I asked my wife, she chose to change it.

See, give up already from being a winch. You guys have tried from all angles, nothing shook me(us) and you’ll still trying. Dont you get that we are built on a solid rock[Christ] If you want to break us, break Christ. Get tired of the bullying. Get a job. Go for therapy.

Im a lost cause. Lost to the kingdom; lost to God. So is my family. Rest. We only show you what we want you to know. You know nothing than photos we share lol. Sorry, my wife has asked me to drop my phone. Expect more fire.”  

"Go and woo a woman with a red passport" - Solomon Buchi replies man who said the influencer cried on his wedding day because his

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