Security Operatives In Togo Assault Nigerians (Video)

A video shared online showed the moment some security officers in Togo assault Nigerians traveling via an airport in the country.

According to reports which are yet to be confirmed, a group of Nigerians coming from the US(United States) with Ethiopian Airlines had a connecting flight that would take them through Eyadema Airport,  Togo on Saturday, December 18 to Nigeria. However, after getting confirmed flights from the USA, the airline officers allegedly told them the plane was full and could not take them to Nigeria. This got them angry and an argument arose which later resulted in a scuffle between them and the security agents.

The video showed some Togolese security agents holding a man and a woman on the floor in an attempt to arrest them.

At the time of this report, the appropriate authorities are yet to comment on the viral video.

Watch video;

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