Scammers Call Bank Customer, Reveal His BVN & Then Ask For More Details

  • Scammers Call Bank Customer, Reveal His BVN & Then Ask For More Details
  • A Nigerian man has taken to social media to expose the plot of scammers who contacted him to get his personal bank details after revealing his BVN and some other details they are not supposed to have.

    According to the man, a certain number called him claiming they are calling from a Nigerian bank. They gave out some of his details and then expecting the man to divulge more details about himself.

    He then wondered how they got his other details in the 1st place if there are no insiders in the bank.
    Read his post:

    I just received a phone call from this number – 09036210054 saying he’s from

    @FirstBankngr, He told me my Date of birth, BVN and even the first 4 Numbers on my ATM card ,He called me again begging and even asked me to speak with “His manager” .. This a thread of all the Convos.
    Here he called me Back again .. It’s now clear that these people have insiders in these Banks Bcs there is no way he could have gotten all those information about me except through someone working in the bank .. Imagine the no of people they would have called today
    Here he said I should speak to his Manager .. I became very scared at this junction , A manager working on a Sunday ?

    @segalink @FBN_help. it’s high time we began to hold these banks responsible for the frauds going on in Customers accounts . This is getting out of hands.
    Nigeria has totally been destroyed. In this 21st Century, Fraudsters go around calling people with Registered phone numbers and No arrest or tracking has ever been made on this people .. A giant of Africa for that Matter !!!
    They needed the Remaining Numbers on the ATM Card, The other 3 Numbers at the back and the OTP that would be sent to the phone number . And that’s how they can be able to transfer funds from the account

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