Reverend Father Reacts To Garba Shehu Accusing Mbaka Of Demanding For Contracts


Fr A. N. Abiagom, CM.

I am not here to speak on the prophecies which the nation has heard from the mouth of the priest, Revd. Ejike Anthony Mbaka, as God alone and the vessel who prophesied in His name can speak.


Recently, the priest has called for the resignation of the president and a reply has been given him by the APC through one of their spokes person. The substantial claim for which the priest should have been quiet according to their response, is based on his demand for contract on which the president(cy) chose to follow the regulations regarding contract allocation. According to the report, this is what is eating the priest up. Which by implication, was probably the reason for his recent message on the president’s resignation.

Questions and Conclusions:

1. In 2015, Hope Uzodinma, the incumbent Gov of Imo State during the Adoration Ministry Harvest 2015, delivered the message of President Buhari to the Fr Mbaka, promising to build a First Class Medical Centre for the Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, and that by the end of January, he would have completed the project. The video is online. You may browse it. Has this promise been fulfilled? Or perhaps there were other promises attached to it? If there were, have they been fulfilled?

2. Will Fr Mbaka move to Aso rock to ask for contract if there were no going proceedings unto its awarding?

3. Take for instance the Medical Centre, if the Priest Fr Mbaka had requested for that; for whose benefit would it be? For himself or the poor masses, since he has no family of his own but the family of God’s people at large?

4. In a Democratic State, has an individual no right to criticize the government if in his own opinion the leader is not measuring up to expectation?

5. May be Fr Mbaka should not have been close to the politicians, so that he could be able to speak without receiving threats of being reported to the Vatican?

6. But if there are some skeletons in his cupboard, would the priest be bold enough to still say his mind on the present situation of the country?

N.b: This is not the time to start blaming A or B. It is time to address the present situation of the country. What is the way forward?


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