Onye Eze: A Man We Helped Rented Out Our Property – Man Writes

  • Onye Eze: A Man We Helped Rented Out Our Property – Man Writes
  • While Onye Eze is trending on social media, a man has shared his similar experience with someone his family tried to help and allowed to live on their property for free.

    In his narration, the man identified as Imoh Umoren, said while people are blaming Onye Eze Money for over-reacting, the man his family helped rented the property to other people and it took them almost 2 years before they could evict the trespassers.

    Read his post:

    People that say the Onye Eze guy is overreacting don’t know anything. We once allowed someone that worked for us live on our property free and we never checked and one time we found out he had rented the house to several people. It took us 18 months to get them out.

    They even took us to court and we had to compensate them for living illegally on our property. The guy we allowed on the property even leased a piece of the land to some guy to build a store and that one claimed he will stay there for 99 years.

    For people saying this is a different scenario you’re missing the point. The point is if anyone lays claims on your property and you do not quickly stop it you may find yourself in a legal fiasco. Curb that poo publicly before it escalates. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

    If you see anybody trying to claim your property start shouting for people to gather…act like a mad person even

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