OAU Management Hands Over 5 Students To Police


Five students of the Obafemi Awolowo University have been arrested and handed over to the police by the school management and others chased out of their hostels.

The school management is reported to have taken the action after the students became violent when they were asked to evacuate the hostels in order for the management to carry out due renovations on the building.

However, while the university workers were carrying out the management instructions, a confrontation erupted as some students activists and journalists were reportedly manhandled.

According to Premium Times, a student activist and secretary of the Anti Neo-liberal attacks against Students Association (ANSA), Gbenga Olohunniran, was ‘arrested’ by the security unit of the university.

Following Gbenga’s arrest by the school security officials, the university management also reportedly asked the police to arrest four other students activists for allegedly preventing the workers from carrying out the management’s instructions.

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