Must The Next President Be A Northerner?

All about the media as regards to 2019 is Buhari vs Atiku. On the sidelines we have names like Lamido popping up. My question is, why is the south not making any move towards taking the presidency come 2019.

We produce the resources, are more educated but sit back and let the north dictate the nations politics since 1960. This has to stop, modern politics is all about the media, and we control the media (both the regular media and social media), so what are we afraid of. I dare to say we must not choose btw Atiku(desperation) and Buhari (failure), let the south feed a candidate and rally behind him.

This my theory….. If we feed a southern Christian from SS e. g Donald Duke he has a good chance of winning

1. Both SE and SW would vote for him since he is neither Igbo or Yoruba(as both tribes prefer to fight than support each other)
2. He is younger comparatively…. So those clamoring for a youthful candidate would vote him
3. The middle belt would vote him if we can use fulani menace against the core north
4. He has a good track record as governor of Cross rivers
5. The Christians in the NE could vote for him still because of fear of the fulanis and core northerners.
6. Buhari would always gt the NW bt another northern candidate means the vote in the NE would be shared that gives a consolidated sourthern candidate the advantage.
7. Finally we control the Media….. That’s one of the ingredients needed to win an election.

I beg all southerners/middlebelterns alike, lets put our differences aside, Lets show the core North they don’t own this country, lets stand up and effect a real change….. The Northern Islamic block has being ruling for years with nothing to show for it…… It mustn’t be another Northern Muslim.

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