I Am Multi-Talented – Comedian Woli Arole

Popular Nigerian comedian Oluwatoyin Bayegun better known as Woli Arole is going a step higher with his first ever feature length movie ‘The Call’ which will be hitting the cinemas in 2018.

The comedian who has successfully carved a niche for himself in the comedy zone, with his distinctive style of comic delivery doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the creativity he has displayed on the entertainment scene.

In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, he gave reasons he is going into movie production:

“I’ve been into movies for a while but I just decided to up my game and evolve, I’m beyond what people see. I could be serious, a businessman and have the mind of an entrepreneur but if I keep doing things the way I do them, I’ll just be a jester. So I felt I need to do something more serious. I want people to see this part of me that is value channeled. I am multi-talented and multi-faceted,” he said.

Continuing, he said “What really inspired ‘The Call’ is that I realized a man cannot just be created for creation sake, there has to be a reason. I decided to use a tricky title ‘Call’. What is the purpose of being alive? Who called you? Who is the caller? Who is the receiver? How do you know you are called? So these are the questions the movie will answer and I’ve had this dream for years, I didn’t just come up with it all of a sudden,” he emphasized.

The movie which has commenced shooting in Ibadan will feature an array of Nollywood stars such as Yinka Quadri, Hafeez Oyetoro ‘Saka’, Samuel Ajibola, Kayode ‘Aderupoko’ Olaiya, Segun Arinze, Asiri, Ebiye and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia among others.

Source: Vanguard

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