Mourinho Had Milk And Water Thrown At Him As Man City Players Celebrate (PICS)

ay was Manchester Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City with the game ending 2-1 in favor of City.

After the game, United’s manager, Jose Mourinho got involved with some City players as he went to their dressing room while on his way to make post-match press briefing.

He demanded that they show some respect cos they were blaring music from their dressing room, making it look like they were rubbing United’s nose in defeat as they whooped and cheered.

Mourinho was confronted by City’s Goalkeeper, Ederson as both men exchanged words in Portuguese with United’s players joining in.

It is alleged that Mourinho had milk and water thrown at him while City coach, Mikel Arteta, one of Pep Guardiola’s assistants, received a cut to the head.

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