Man Cancels Wedding After Girlfriend Poured Hot Oil On His Cousin

  • Man Cancels Wedding After Girlfriend Poured Hot Oil On His Cousin
  • A Nigerian lady identified as Layemi on Twitter has shared a story of a man who cancelled his wedding plans with girlfriend after she poured hot oil on his cousin.

    Layemi had engaged in a conversation with the man who is her friend. She was surprised he wasn’t married yet and was shocked when he told her his story.

    In the course of their conversation, the man revealed that he nearly got married to a lady he had been courting for five years but he put a stop to their relationship few months before the wedding.

    Read the full narration:

    I had a long conversation with an older friend today, he’s in his mid thirties, he’s quite successful if we are defining it in Nigerian terms, he has his own house, cars, works with a good company, has his own business…. blah blah blah. Baba sha dey alright.

    I asked him why he was still single even though he was ‘made’ already, for my own mind I already thought/concluded that he probably had behavioural issues cos I know people like him, he’s quite handsome so getting babes is not an issue for him.
    He said he almost got married 3years ago, but he called it off few months to the wedding, I thought he was joking but his other friend confirmed it. He told me the reason and damn, it was crazy.

    Apparently, they dated for close to 3years before he proposed to her, she was 5years younger than him, he had known her since she was a teenager. He said when they started dating, his cousin was against it, she said her friend was too rude and he would regret it. He did!

    Aunty was rude, disrespectful, saucy, didn’t have regard for anyone except him, he said she could start a fight with a child for been too close to him, none of his friends liked her, he said when they moved in together, People hardly came to his house. Lol

    I asked him why he would date someone like that to the extent of marriage, he said at the beginning of their relationship, *sturvs* happened and he felt responsible for her and whenever he tried to end the relationship, she would bring it up and guilt trip him into staying

    According to him, she became calm after a while, because he tried to please her all the time. So their relationship was smooth and he proposed to the chagrin of his family and friends. he said he’s quite stubborn so nobody could talk him out of it.

    Few months to their wedding, his cousin came into the country from the abroad and decided to stay with him, he said they were very close and the bruv hadn’t been in the country for a while, he said his babe grumbled about it but he ignored her.

    He said his cousin was probably the meekest person he could ever meet in his life, Baba was too nice, stayed out the way and always minded his business in the house, but his babe always had something to complain about, he said at this point she was starting to irritate him

    The day kasala busted, he said he came home from work quite late and he didn’t meet his cousin at home, he asked his babe and she muttered some things under her breath but he was too tired to ask and he assumed that his cousin probably went out.

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