Kelechi Uhegwu, Polio Victim Celebrates Birthday With New Pictures

Hurray!!!. I am 34 Today!!!
I am an Awesome Survivour. All My Life has been Series of Miracles; from surviving Poliomyelitis to Severe Scoliosis, to Short term Amnesia to Hypertension, to High Sugar in the Blood, to Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease to
Everyday medications and to even being a BEGGAR. But I am truly Grateful to Life for every Microseconds given to Me. I say to Myself that Nomatter when I take a Bow off this Reality, I would want to Look back at My Life and say, ‘Kelechi Dearest, You Lived!! . Thank you all for Being part of this Amazing Project called ‘Kelechi Uhegwu’ and IT is a Great Journey with a Beautiful Ending

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