#justiceforchidubem: Tina Ogbonnaya Narrates Her Side Of The Story (Video)

Mrs Tina Ogbonnaya, the woman accused of withholding and starving her employee’s 5-month-old baby over failure to clear delivery debt has shared her side of the story.

the woman disclosed that Gift, the young mother was the one who refused to take care of her baby, denied him food and breast milk which in turn resulted in his death.

According to her, in a bid to help the poor child, she had to employ the service of a nurse whom she paid N30,000 to take care of the baby due to his mother’s negligence.

Mrs Ogbonnaya stated that she never withheld the baby as viral reports had it.

Recall that in a previous report, the mother of the child, Gift shared her side of the story stating that her baby was locked in a room alone by Mr and Mr Ogbonnaya and laid on the tiled floor bare-bodied.

Presently, the reports from the duo are strongly contradictory.

Watch the couple narrate their side of the story below:

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