IMT Student Pays School Fees Only To Find Out Department Doesn’t Exist

  • IMT Student Pays School Fees Only To Find Out Department Doesn’t Exist
  • A man has taken to social media to cry out for help after securing admission into the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu state only to find out the department never existed. This is after paying the required fees and completing the registration.

    Matthew Etopobong Udeme, took to twitter to narrate his ordeal which has seen him waste almost one year without collecting the refund.

    He wrote;

    “Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu gave me HND admission in Mechatronics Engineering, Dec 2017. Following the steps on the website, I completed full payment hoping to start school in January 2018. On getting there, I realized the department does not exist”.

    “I wrote the first letter asking for a change of department from Mechatronics Engineering to E/E, the school replied that department cannot be changed in HND, leaving me with no other option than to forfeit the admission, stay at home for another one year and seek fresh admission”.

    “Feb. 2018, I wrote another letter asking for refund of the total money paid (68,500), since the admission did not work. The school rather approved ONLY 40,000. Well, I accepted and kept checking on the cashier so I can get the 40,000”.

    “Since February till October, cashier keeps saying, “there’s no order to pay yet, we’re still waiting for the management”. The worst was after I relocated with my family from Enugu to Lagos, I travelled back to Enugu just to follow up on this money, still the “no order yet”.

    “I have already lost so much; – one full year wasted, I’m currently trying to get admission else where. – on the way returning from Enugu, I was attacked, my laptop and phone taken from me. – I’ve wasted a lot of money going to the school since February to track the progress”.

    “I call on the authorities to assist me get back my complete money. They say they cannot refund the acceptance fees. What exactly did I accept? Admission into a department that does not exist? Even the 40,000, it’s been 8 good months, nothing is coming out. Please help me. Thanks”.

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