I will not leave my marriage over infidelity – Actress Patience Ozokwor

Veteran Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G, has said that she can never end her marriage over infidelity.

She said that quitting her marriage over infidelity was like leaving her home for a stranger to take over.

Ozokwor, who is a widow, said this as a guest on Mercy Johnson’s cooking show, Mercy’s Menu.

When asked by the host to give her opinion on dealing with infidelity, especially in the context of marriage, the veteran actress said it was not enough reason to quit a marriage.

Saying she was not going to leave her marriage for anyone, Ozokwor added, “Me, I’m not going to leave my house for anybody. You are the visitor that came in. Find your way out.

“I will hold my family, polish it, sweep out all the debts, and then have a peaceful home again.”

On the issue of divorce, she said that it was not a Godly approach to resolving marital disputes but a separation was advisable.

She explained, “God is not against separation. What God doesn’t want is divorce.

“God is not saying we should not divorce because sometimes he does not know that we have violated – No.”

According to her, divorce cannot be ruled out however once life is at stake.

“Coming from a Christian background, we are not allowed to divorce.

“If you pray and the man turns around to become something else, escape for dear life because it is only those who are alive that can tell the story. When you are dead, nobody can tell,” she said.

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