I Regret Having Tattoos – Huddah Monroe Reveals

  • I Regret Having Tattoos – Huddah Monroe Reveals
  • Huddah Monroe, a former Big Brother Africa housemate and Kenyan socialite has revealed that she regrets having tattoos.The Kenyan socialite who advised that young people to always listen to older people when they are told not to do somethings, revealed that she was warned before getting the tattoos on her body but she never listened.

    Revealing that she regrets having tattoos, Huddah Monroe wrote;

    ”Sometimes I regret having tattoos. I remember before I did them, someone told me, ”You will regret it one day. Believe me, listen when someone older tells you things. Those things will come to pass”

    In 2017, she also went public with her regrets about her sex life, wishing she could not have engaged in it. According to the businesswoman she has grown not to like some of the sex partners she had in her life, saying if possible she could undo the sex they shared.

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