‘Goodbye To Twitter In Nigeria, David Has Defeated Goliath’ – Adamu Garba

Former APC Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba, has in a series of tweets, announced that his self-made app, Crowwe has defeated Twitter.

He announced it via TWITTER, following the FG’s suspension of Twitter’s operations in Nigeria.

Goodbye to Twitter in Nigeria, Welcome to Crowwe.

Join us @CrowweApp now!

Join Crowwe now! Build your country, Build your people and Build your Brand. Join Crowwe now.

This is the best opportunity to grow Nigeria to Build Nigeria, Crowwe to the World.

Join Now from iOS and Android Stores.

The small Crowwe has defeated the giant Twitter in Nigeria. We have WON!

Story of David and Goliath are-enacted in Nigeria.

He also seized the opportunity to introduce the new COO of Crowwe app, Anya Ifunanya.

Garba said on January 15, 2021 that he was stepping down to
allow one without political leaning to take charge of the daily operations of the company.

Hello All, this introducing myself as the new COO of Crowwe.
I want to appreciate those you who have joined @CrowweApp and also reach out to those who have not. My team and I will be available to respond to all your concerns and questions. Looking forward to a new start.

We welcome, @AnyaIfunanya, our Crowwe COO Onboard!

Garba has insisted that “Crowwe is the first Nigerian multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. it has a wide range of functions and can be said to be an app that does everything. It is compatible with both web, Android and iOS devices.”

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