Gombe And Kebbi Airports Shut Down Due To Debts Owed

  • Gombe And Kebbi Airports Shut Down Due To Debts Owed
  • The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria currently shuts down the Airport in Gombe State due to the debt the former Governments owed. This debt is estimated to be about N800 million.

    A Twitter user took this to his page expressing how sad he is for the new Governor of Gombe State, Inuwa Yahaya M as this debts will be transferred down to his tenure which was retweeted by APC United Kingdom.

    THE Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has closed down Gombe and Kebbi airports as a result of over N800 million debts.

    The shutdown took effect yesterday.

    FAAN, in a Notice To Air Men (NOTAM), sent to the airports yesterday, announced the withdrawal of men of the safety, fire rescue and aviation security personnel attached to the two airports.

    FAAN, two weeks ago, warned that its services would be withdrawn should the two state governments failed to clear their debts.

    It was gathered that FAAN gave the state governments enough time to settle their debts, but they remained adamant

    It was gathered that the attention will be shifted to other airports, which are owing.

    FAAN, it was learnt, wanted to carry out the drive in other airports but were stopped by the Presidency.

    “But the agency has vowed to forge ahead with its plans to close state airports owing the organsation,” a source said yesterday.

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