#ENDSARS: Turkish Authorities Deny Nigerians Permission For Protest

Some handful of Nigerians in Turkey had slated to pull a peaceful protest in solidarity and alliance with what is happening back home with dates and venue already fixed for Istanbul and Ankara but an umbrella body in an official statement on her Facebook page signaled all Nigerians in Turkey not to take law into their hands as Authorities have disapprove any of such gathering 

The statement from NICOT reads

Dear fellow Nigerians, in the advent of what is going in Nigeria, which has gone global and NICOT has received many calls and messages from Nigerians in diaspora and those who are residing here to stage a protest in solidarity with our youths back home.

NICOT, understand your plight and grievances over the injustices, police brutalities, and bad governance which led to the slogan #EndSars, etc. NICOT’S President took it upon himself to have a meeting with the Turkish authority for a permission to stage a protest, but the permission was denied due to the panel code on COVID-19 measure which states that: “Staging a protect or gathering of people in a large group is highly prohibited”

It is unfortunate, that the permission was denied, but you shall be notified of any changes.

Please, be advised and adhere to the information and keep your calm. 



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