Emmanuel Ettah Reacts To Rape Accusations Against Him

  • Emmanuel Ettah Reacts To Rape Accusations Against Him
  • This story isn’t entirely true. I never raped the lady in question and since she has decided to remain anonymous, I respect that, so am not gonna return the favor by revealing her name and fb Handle just yet.

    I have been friends with this girl for almost a year. I met her through her bestfriend I was dating, but we no more bcoz she left when she suspected I and her friend were secretly dating

    I and this lady had hanged out once last year even when I was still dating her friend,I dropped her off in her house at karimo, she hugged and kissed me in the car and confessed that she really liked me

    After I broke up with her friend last year December, I decided to give her a try this year. On Saturday she said she was bored, so I told her I was gonna take her out

    I arrived late to pick her up, even though she told me her gate would be locked by 11pm, I told her we would be clubbing and possibly com back later than that, and that she could sleep over in my place,

    I did other stuffs just to make her cum without really penetrating, before we both slept Unclad till daybreak. NOTE:- I don’t have a couch in my room, we both slept on the bed. By 7am, she washed her clothes, while i Helped her go dry them outside.

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