Assemblies Of God Church General Superintendent New Year Wishes

Start this moment by the grace of God to welcome you to the first day in the first month in the year of the Lord 2018. The year of the revival of His glory”.

“I want to say congratulations that you are able to make it, congratulations that you are able to make it to 2018”
“This is a year of the over powering presence of God. We shall experience the supremacy of the presence of
God in all ramifications. We have experienced in the past the glory of human titles, the glory of money, the glory of
where you came from, but I speak to you that 2018 has come with over powering presence of the Lord, and this year,
His presence shall go with you, His presence shall protect
you, His presence shall attract unprecedented open doors for you”

“This year there shall be spiritual open doors, material open
doors, and physical open doors for your life, and I want to
assure you , no background of yours shall be an obstacle. God shall break the ugly trends in your life in the
year 2018, every ugly trend shall be broken in your life. You
shall excel” “This year I release upon your life a renewal of
the oil in your life. Fresh oil for this year’s assignment. I
release on you anointing to pass through this year 2018 , you shall successfully pass through 2018, you shall conquer 2018, you shall be alive throughout 2018”

“The Lord shall release upon your life and receive it right now, oil for good health, this year God shall prosper
your hand work, He shall prosper your business Ventures.
He shall prosper your academic pursuit by the grace of
God. You shall have abundance in the midst of scarcity. This
particular year you shall not go down”.
I speak over your head, you shall not go down, rather there shall be accelerated promotion for your life.
The Lord shall give you useful connections, connections that would be useful in your life. The presence of God shall put off fake prophets, God shall restore order in your life,
“Order shall be restored in your life, it shall be victory over yester years backwardness, yester years weaknesses”.
“Welcome to 2018, a better year, a year that has come with glory, come with the presence of God, you shall
move With him, any moment, any time, and anywhere.
“Go with the presence of God, move with the presence of God, swim in the presence of God and you shall come back with evidences of the manifestation of His presence.

I love you
Welcome to 2018. A year of the revival of His
God bless you abundantly, Amen.
I am God’s servant,

Chidi Okoroafor.

General Superintendent.
Assemblies of God Nigeria.

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