29-Year-Old Man Arrested After He R*ped 2-Year-Old Girl On Ramadan

  • 29-Year-Old Man Arrested After He R*ped 2-Year-Old Girl On Ramadan
  • Below is a narration of how 29-year old man raped a 2-year old girl during Ramadan fasting period.

    The suspects has since been arrested despite the father of the victim showing no interest in pursuing any case against him because he wants to leave him for Allah.

    Read how it happens:-

    “A 29 year old monster raped my cousin’s 2-year old daughter yesterday at 2pm, during Ramadan.

    He is their neighbor, he went into the compound, gave her chocolate and picked her up.

    In Ramadan, in the afternoon. A 2year old girl.

    When we took her to the hospital, the doctors and nurses that examined her were all crying.

    They broke down and cried.

    The monster denied it, but thankfully my little niece can speak, & she said it was him. She called his name more than thrice.

    Her older brother was there too when the monster gave her milo, he said it too.

    A neighbor also saw the monster pick her up.

    But the boy denied it, he is still denying it.

    My cousin’s husband said ‘ya yafe’, he is leaving the boy to Allah. But I am not comfortable with this decision. It is not about ‘yafewa’, it is about justice, it is about other children.

    I am currently not in the best state of health to pursue this case to the end, but I need to know if there’s any organization or group, or anyone that can help get justice for my innocent little girl, & save other children from the monster.

    I can provide his address & everything

    Thank you all so much for reaching out.


    Authorities have been involved, plus 3 human rights organizations are involved to see the case through.

    Thank you all”.

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