Lawmaker To Sue Adeola Fayehun For Leaking Alleged Salary & Allowance

A lawmaker representing Kogi state in the House of Representatives has threatened to take legal action against a Nigerian residing in the UK for taking to social media to make allegations about the salaries and allowances he receives as a sitting lawmaker.

Tendering his grievance on the floor of the house, the lawmaker said the UK-based Nigerian named Adeola, alleged on social media that he and other lawmakers receive basic salaries of N2.5 million per month, Furniture allowance of N7.5 million per month, Newspaper allowance of N1.2 million per month, wardrobe allowance of N631, 000 per month, accommodation allowance of N4.9 million per month, utility allowance of N828, 000 per month, personal assistance allowance of N621, 000 per month.

He stated that the same person in December 2023, alleged that a trailer of rice was given to lawmakers and asked Nigerians to ask for their own share from their lawmakers.

‘’If this house does not take a stand on this case against her, I, Elder Leke Joseph Abejide, will take it up with her because, in my own constituency, this is what is now spreading around that I take this amount. I put up my salary for the world to see. What is there that we are hiding? We are not hiding anything in these hallowed chambers.

I want to bet with you that there are some members that cannot survive more than five days with their salaries. Even before the end of the month comes, the request from your constituents has already taken everything and somebody who does not reside in Nigeria will be instigating the general public against us and then we will be quiet. This is the privilege that has been breached against me and by extension to all members of this house”

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