Dog Eats Flesh Off Girl’s Head, Attacks Owner Trying To Protect Victim In Ibadan

Pandemonium broke out in the Adagbada Arola area of Apete, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently after a five year old girl identified as Moridiyat Rauf was attacked by the dog of an elderly woman she had gone to spend time with. The raging dog bit off her hair and flesh covering her head.

The girl, as a usual practice, had gone to the dog owner’s house to play with her, with the belief that the animal was in its cage. However, unknown to the woman, whose name was given as Mrs Esther (surname withheld), the dog had somehow loosened the padlock used to hold the cage, and as the girl came in, it pounced on her.

The dog owner reportedly struggled to extricate the girl from the dog but was unsuccessful, making her shield the badly injured Moridiya with her body. Angry at the move, the dog descended on its owner, bit off her tongue and tore off a big chunk of flesh off of her face.

Neighbours and sympathisers started looking for items to dislodge the dog, as they were afraid to immediately move in to avoid the dog turning on them. Eventually, they succeeded in subduing the dog and rescued the girl.

The girl’s brother, who spoke on the incident, disclosed that the girl’s mother left for the market at about 7:30 am. He said that he was in the sitting room with Moridiya’s elder brother watching videos on the phone while she and another sibling were playing with a teddy bear.

Believing that she was still inside, he said that he went to another part of the house and later rushed to the dog owner’s house on hearing of the commotion.

“I heard the piercing cry of my sister and went to trace where she was. As I stood at the gate of the woman’s house, I was shocked by what I saw. The mummy shielded my sister with her body. I started shouting ‘Dog! Dog!’ I shook the gate. I picked stones and climbed the fence, but the dog held on to my sister and its owner. Other people started coming to find a way of rescuing them. We were looking for a weapon that would subdue it. Eventually, elders got in, killed the dog and quickly rushed my sister to the hospital,” he narrated to the Nigerian Tribune.

It was gathered that Moridiya was first rushed to the Health Centre at Ajibode area, from where she was promptly referred to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan for emergency medical attention. The dog owner was also taken to the same hospital for medical attention

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