Chadian Military Kills 70 Boko Haram Terrorists, Destroys 5 Major Camps

The Chadian military has reported that its troops killed no fewer than 70 Boko Haram terrorists and destroyed five major terrorist camps in the Lake Chad region.

According to a security analyst and counterinsurgency expert in the Lake Chad, Zagazola Makama, the Lake Chad’s General Staff of the Armed Forces said that a commando unit of the Rapid Intervention Force (FIR) conducted a series of air-land and nautical military manoeuvres in the localities of Litri, Kaiga-Ngouboua and Kaiga-Kindjiria, which led to the killing of the terrorists.

The General further said that the operation which was carried out with the support of the defence and security forces, also led to the destruction of five terrorist camps, including Boko Haram’s main base in the area.

It was gathered that the entire human and material apparatus of the terrorists was pushed out of Chadian territory, leading to a significant reduction in major terrorist attacks in the region.

The military authority said the operation followed “Operation Lake Sanity 2” led by the Multinational Joint Force (FMM) on Cameroonian and Nigerian territories, which pushed Boko Haram terrorists into Chadian territory.

The statement from the Lake Chad’s General Staff of the Armed Forces reportedly added that the Chadian military’s swift and decisive action had dealt a major blow to the terrorist group’s capabilities in the region.

The General highlighted the effectiveness of the Rapid Intervention Force (FIR) in supporting the defence and security forces in the fight against terrorism.

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