“You’re going to go to jail” Kids scold dad for smacking mum’s butt (video)

Two young siblings have gone viral after they were filmed scolding their dad for smacking their mum’s butt.

In a video recorded by the children’s father, their older child, a girl, is seen scolding her father, while her kid brother agrees with her.

“What am I not supposed to do,” the father asks his daughter.

“You can’t smack people’s butts. You’re gonna go to jail for that,” the girl replies with a serious look on her face.

“Yes,” her brother, a toddler, says in agreement.

“Why will I go to jail?” the dad asks.

“Because you keep smacking people’s butts,” the daughter replies. “And then you may wash your hands when you keep smacking people’s butts.”

“Whose butts did I smack?” the father asks.

“Mum,” the boy says.

“Your wife,” the girl says.

“Don’t do that to your wife,” the girl adds.

The children’s mother is heard in the background agreeing with her kids.

“It’s very nasty,” the daughter adds, while reminding her father that he could go to jail for that and they will be left with just “one parent”.

“Yea, you’re gonna go to jail for that,” the boy says.

Watch the video below.

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