Please Save My Life — Abducted Zamfara Catholic Priest Begs Nigerians In Video

Mikah Suleiman, the parish priest of St. Raymond Catholic Church in Damba, Gusau, Zamfara state, has appealed for help to regain his freedom after being abducted. In a 51-second video circulating on social media, Suleiman, dressed in a blue T-shirt and boxer shorts, is seen sitting on the ground and pleading for assistance.

Suleiman was kidnapped by bandits in the early hours of June 22 from the rectory within the church premises in Gusau, the state capital. He stated that he’s the only one being held captive by the bandits.

He said;

I am pleading for help to be freed from this place. They (bandits) told me that they don’t keep people here for long. People don’t stay for up to a week, he said. They told me that killing a person is not difficult for them. They said they are just helping me by keeping me; please, I am asking for help. Please save my life in the name of God. Look at my head; look at my legs. I was tied to a robe, and I am the only one in this place.

Normally, if they kidnap somebody, they don’t waste time. If ransom is not paid immediately, they kill the person. Please, for God’s sake, help me. Shortly after making the plea, a stick from one of the bandits standing off the camera was seen touching his head.

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