Former Konga CEO, Nick Imudia, reportedly commits suicide

A former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of e-commerce giants, Konga, Nick Imudia, has reportedly died after he committed suicide at his Lekki, Lagos, home.

According to multiple sources, Imudia, who was also the CEO of D.light, an innovator in residential solar energy solutions, allegedly killed himself on Tuesday night, by jumping from the balcony of his Lekki apartment.

According to sources, before he committed suicide, the Ika, Delta State born Imudia had called his brother who is based in the United States, to give instructions on how to distribute his wealth should anything happen to him.

He was also said to have reached out to his young daughter from a previous relationship, telling her he would always be there for her and that she only needed to look in the sky to see him.

The death of the young Imudia is said to have thrown his friends, family, and business associates into shock as no known reason could be pin pointed on why he would take his own life as he did not leave behind a suicide note.

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