63yr Old Lady & Her 26yr Old Husband Announce They Are Expecting Their 1st Child

A 63-year-old grandmother is set to have a baby with her 26 year old husband – despite their significant age difference of 37 years. The couple has shared their surprising pregnancy news, leaving many to question the feasibility.

Cheryl, aged 63, took to TikTok to share the joyous announcement with her young husband Quran, aged 26. The video was captioned: “It’s finally happening we’re starting our family”.

They revealed that their surrogate is expecting, showcasing the positive pregnancy test. The couple also shared moments from their visit to the doctor with the surrogate, where they heard their future child’s heartbeat for the first time.

The soon-to-be parents couldn’t hide their excitement as they presented ultrasound images from the surrogate’s scan.

Already a mother to seven and a grandmother to 17, Cheryl, alongside Quran, celebrated the news with a jubilant dance, expressing their astonishment at the prospect of parenting together, with exclamations of “woo” and “oh baby”, reports the Mirror.

An ecstatic Quran expressed his anticipation, saying: “I can’t wait, we finally get to start our little family. I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a father. We got a family, finally”. Their announcement video also included an audio snippet of the baby’s heartbeat, accompanied by hashtags like “happiness” and “thank god”.

In response to the video, fans flooded the comments with questions about how Cheryl could be having a baby, some speculated she might have “had her eggs frozen”. Quick to enquire, many simply asked, “How? “, although until more information is released by Cheryl, it remains to be seen.

“Congrats my love! It’s never too late to be a mother! Make sure you sign a contract with this person so later on there won’t be any problems”, one helpful fan advised.

Amongst the sea of positivity another user commented, “So happy for y’all and don’t listen to the haters they are just jealous”, while others dubbed it a “beautiful moment” to “cherish”, unanimously telling them to ignore any detractors. One TikToker even confidently predicted they’d make “great parents”.


Watch the video below.

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