Wofai Fada’s In-Laws Reject Marriage To Their Son, Release Public Statement

Nollywood actress and comedian Wofai Fada’s in-laws have issued a public statement rejecting her marriage to their son, Taiwo Cole.

The Cole Family of Victoria Island, Lagos, issued the disclaimer in a public statement.

Engineer Kunle Cole signed a disclaimer on behalf of the family, stating that no acquaintances, relatives, or friends are aware of any marriage between their son, Taiwo Olakitan Cole, and Wofai Fada, and that no authorization was issued in this respect.

They advised the public to disregard any publications and papers distributed concerning the wedding.

Someone made this information public, along with the assertion that the actress is pregnant.

Recall that Wofai Fada shared beautiful photos of herself and her lover whose identity she concealed from the public. She shared these lovely photos on her official Instagram page.

The pre wedding photos captured her showing off her engagement ring while kissing her husband.

From the caption, it is noted that the couple will be tying the knot in this same 2024 even if an they are yet to announce the official date for the wedding.

The statement reads:

“Images and videos come to our attention showing our son Taiwo getting married to a Wofai Ewa in a traditional ceremony in Ugep, Cross River State. This serves to notify all acquaintances, family, and friends that the Cole family of Victoria Island Lagos are not aware of any marriage ceremony of our Son Taiwo Olakitan Cole, neither did we grant permission nor support in this regard. As such, person(s) parading themselves as new members of the Cole heritage by virtue of this purported event, are not known nor accepted by the family. All publications and documents being circulated about this are to be disregarded.”

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