Tinubu not responsible for Nigeria’s current hardship – Deputy Speaker, Kalu, says

Deputy Speaker, Benjamin Kalu has said President Bola Tinubu is not to blame for the present economic crisis in Nigeria.

Kalu made this statement on Sunday after he feted orphans, widows, PWDs and the aged at his home in Abia State to celebrate his 53rd birthday.

The Deputy Speaker responded to questions from reporters, explaining that Tinubu is making a lot of effort to correct the mistakes of the past administrations, which led to the present economic problems.

“The hardship we are passing through was not caused by this man. It’s a piled-up case of previous administrations and how they mismanaged one or two things.

“We cannot continue to live in lies thinking that all is well. Tinubu wants to clean up the place so that we can have a sustainable livelihood. Let’s keep supporting and encouraging him,” Kalu said.

He also foresaw a better future for the nation following the present unrest, urging Nigerians to maintain faith in the nation’s current leadership instead of giving up.

The Deputy Speaker claimed that hoarding wealth or living in luxury while others were impoverished amounted to cruelty.

According to him: “What is the essence of keeping things in the warehouse when there is hunger in the land? What is the essence of keeping things until the election periods?

“I’m not interested in the political party or faith. I’m interested in the colour of humanity which is: if you are up, extend your hands to those who are down.

“Let’s spread love, peace and unity, showing others that we care irrespective of their background or political affiliation.”

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