Putin Sworn In As Russian President For Fifth Time

President Vladimir Putin has been sworn for a record-breaking fifth term as Russia’s leader.

In a lavish Tuesday ceremony at Andreyevsky Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace, Putin swore an oath of allegiance by placing his right hand on Russia’s constitution. The ceremony—widely boycotted by Western diplomats following what election watchdogs called a sham vote in March—marked the start of a new six-year presidential term.

“We are a united and great people and together we will overcome all obstacles, we will bring to life everything we have planned. Together we will be victorious,” Putin, 71, said in his inaugural speech.

The ceremony comes a day after Russia ordered a tactical nuclear weapons drills, citing “provocative” statements by Western countries supporting Ukraine. Allied nations have provided extensive military support to Ukraine since Russia’s full scale invasion over two years ago.

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