Lady Consumes A Jar Of Dog Food, Cries Out For Help

A lady who identifies as @omortowunmy has cried out via social media after she consumed a dog food she mistook for an edible snack.

Sharing on the platform, she revealed that she had eaten the jar of snack halfway before she realized that it was for dogs.

She also revealed that the snack looked inviting when she bought it at the supermarket and there was nothing to indicate that it was dog food.

In her tweet, she also included that she had visited the toilet several times to try to get what she had consumed out.

Her tweet read;

“I bought this thing at the mall this afternoon thinking it was gala. I had already eaten it halfway before I realized it was dog food. I’m currently inside the toilet trying to vomit everything. Please pray for me guys.”

Her post however generated quite a number of hilarious comments, while others requested to know if she felt better.

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