Kano Bans Movies Promoting Cross-Dressing

The Kano State Government has banned all movies and cinematic productions promoting thuggery and cross-dressing in the State.

This was announced in a press statement issued by the media officer of the State’s Censorship Board, Abdullah Sani Sulaiman.

This directive was given in response to mounting complaints reportedly from residents regarding issues considered to contradict their cultural values.

“It is high time we put a stop to this sort of films that corrupt the morals of the Kano people,” the board stated.

The board noted that it was “high time to fish out any film that may demoralize our customs, norms and values in the name of reaching popularity, viewers or business making”.

The board also commended the people of the state for their vigilance in reporting any content perceived to be at odds with cultural and Islamic principles.

The Nigerian Police Force said cross-dressing was not an offence under Nigerian law.

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