Change Your Caption Or Pack Out Of My House – Portable To Wife Over Birthday Post

Controversial Nigerian singer Portable is in the news again as he slams his wife Bewaji Ewatomi for excluding him from her birthday message to herself.

This is coming few hours after singer Portable, the “Zazoo Zeh” hitmaker calls out late Alaafin’s wife over refusal to have his baby.

Today, April 19th 2024, Portable wife, Bewaji Ewatomi clocks a new age and by extension took to her official Instagram page where she penned a sweet note to herself.

Celebrating her birthday with stunning photos,

Ewatomi Bewaji wrote; “Happy birthday to me. “Here’s to another year of growth, learning, and unforgettable moments. I wish myself a very happy birthday . May this birthday become one of the best birthdays of my life! Wishing my self a great birthday celebration filled with all the love , joy and blessings in the world . I feel so favored to be happy,healthy, and alive today..”

In another birthday post, Bewaji refers to herself as the queen of herself adding that he is happy for her journey in life so far and the person he has become and this didn’t go down well with Portable who responded by dragging her on her birthday.

Bewaji wrote; “Still my day ( THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful for the incredible journey of the life and the person I have become. On this special day. ( I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME).✌️.”

Reacting to the above post, singer Portable berated his wife for calling herself “Queen of herself” instead of Queen of Portable.

Portable while fuming tells his wife to calm down stressing that he doesn’t understand why she refers to herself as “queen of herself”.

Portable further added that he is the one that makes his wife Bewaji to be who he is today, thereby she should give him some respect.

Portable wrote; “Queen of your self??, Sha calm down make them no use you get me , I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself, Try to dey appreciate who appreciate you.”

He added; “The family I come from we don’t take shit. If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong, change your caption or you nah pack out of my house, if I dey respect you make you self respect yourself.”

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