Brazilian woman arrested after taking dead uncle to the bank to secure a loan

A Brazilian woman who wheeled her uncle’s dead body into her local bank and tried to take out a loan in his name, has been arrested. 

The lady identified as Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes was captured on video during the incident at a bank in Rio de Janeiro. She appeared to have a corpse with her as she attempted to secure some financing for a $3,400 loan.

The video is quite eerie as she tried to force him to sign paperwork with his limp hand. She was seen talking to her dead uncle at various points, asking him if he could hear her and if he was listening, instructing him to sign even though he was clearly not talking back. The woman also attempts to hold his head straight as it constantly tilts and falls back.

Employees at the bank weren’t convinced, ultimately calling in the police who arrested Erika. Authorities confirmed the victim’s name was Paulo Roberto Braga, and he was dead for hours before being wheeled into the bank on Tuesday, April 16.

Erika may be charged with theft through fraud, embezzlement, as well as abuse of a corpse and cops are trying to determine how he died and if other family members were involved.


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