Shagari would have handed presidency over to Ekwueme – Ganduje

National Chairman of All Progressives Alliance (APC), Dr Umar Abdulahi Ganduje has said that the only way marginalization of South-East would stop is for the region to key into the ruling party. 

Speaking in Nnewi, Anambra State on Saturday, March 23, at a rally, Ganduje said that the road to political freedom in the South-East is to key into the ruling party.

He also said that because of the commitment of the zone to the ruling party during Shehu Shagari’s administration, he strongly considered Ekwueme to succeed him.

Ganduje said;

“You know when your brother, Alex Ekwueme was the vice president to our brother, Shehu Shagari. The body language was there, and if not that the military struck, your son, Alex Ekwueme would have become the president.

“I tell you this story because the road to political freedom is to key into the ruling party, and once you do that, marginalization would be a thing of the past.”

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