Remi Tinubu Demands Capital Punishment For Child Abductors

The First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Remi Tinubu, has made a fervent plea for the implementation of capital punishment for criminals involved in the heinous act of child abduction. Mrs. Tinubu emphasized the urgent need for decisive action to curb the rising cases of child abduction across the nation.

With a resolute tone, Mrs. Tinubu expressed deep concern over the increasing number of children falling victim to abductors, highlighting the trauma and devastation inflicted upon families and communities. “We cannot continue to sit idly by as innocent children are snatched away from their families,” she declared, her voice unwavering with determination.

The First Lady’s call for capital punishment comes as a direct response to the recent surge in child abductions, which have sent shockwaves through the country. “The time for leniency is over,” Mrs. Tinubu asserted. “Those who commit such heinous crimes must face the full wrath of the law.”

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