Burnt dead body found hanging on tree after ‘strange killings’ in Niger state community

A burnt dead body of a yet-to-be-identified man was found hanging on a mango tree in Kudu village, Mokwa Local Government Area of Niger State.

A security source in the area told Daily Trust that the body was discovered opposite a shea butter-producing company on Enagi-Kudu road on Monday morning, March 25, 2024.

He said the identity of the victim as well as the perpetrators of the act were yet to be identified.

The officer, however, told the publication that a yet-to-be-identified cult group has been operating in the area for the past four weeks, killing people every Sunday night.

“For the past four weeks, we have been witnessing strange killings in the area. So far, two people have died and three others who were tortured beyond recognition sustained severe injuries and they are being treated in Mokwa. These killings happen every Sunday night for the past four weeks and we don’t know those who are doing it. But we have launched a manhunt to get those behind the acts arrested,” the police source said.

“Today, we woke up to see a dead body hanging on a mango tree with his body burnt. They tied him up on a mango tree and set him ablaze.”

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