Bank executive, Amaechi Okobi uses shoe shinning analogy to inspire his followers to keep going in tough times

Bank executive, Amaechi Okobi, has shared a shoe shinning analogy that he and his siblings use to check up on each other’s progress.

He took to Instagram to share a photo showing him polishing his shoes. He then explained how polished shoes symbolize attention to detail.

He wrote: “My siblings (ofunne ofunna) and I have a thing. We do regular check-ins during which we take turns updating the group on what’s happening in our lives. There’s some teasing, a little gossip, a lot of laughter, and counsel where necessary. But that’s not the story.

“At the end of the call one of us would ask, ‘’Are your shoes shining?” as a final check and confirmation of how each person is doing.

“I know it seems like a strange question, but polished shoes symbolize an attention to detail that tends to suffer during turbulent times. By maintaining the shine on your shoes, you project resilience to the world, reminding yourself and others of your ability to navigate challenges with grace and composure.

“Put simply, ‘Are your shoes shining?’ is code for, ‘How are you doing,really?’

“The past few weeks have been particularly stressful so that question holds incredible significance.

“Hold on! Don’t go carting your shoes to the shoemaker for a shine just yet. There’s no fun in that. You. Have. To. Do. It. Yourself.

“Polishing and shining your shoes may seem like a trivial task, but if you really think about it – it isn’t. The simple act offers a therapeutic escape – a moment of respite from the chaos that is life.

“Just as the rhythmic motion and focus required provide a soothing balm for the soul, so too does the satisfaction of witnessing scuffed leather transform into a gleaming surface. Let’s be honest, polished shoes look pretty damn good.

“Beyond personal solace, however, there’s a broader implication to keeping shoes shining, especially at work. Just as polished shoes signal diligence and attention to detail, allowing them to show scuffs could be interpreted as a lack of care or dedication.

“Similarly, allowing work standards to slip during tough times not only reflects poorly on oneself but also on the organization as a whole. In both cases, the message is clear: even amidst stress, we mustn’t allow ourselves to drop the ball. Whether it’s the shine on our shoes or the quality of our work, the world is watching, and excellence should never be compromised.

“So tell me: Are your shoes shining?”

Bank executive, Amaechi Okobi uses shoe shinning analogy to inspire his followers to keep going in tough times

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