Asking your wife for a DNA test is beating the drum for war – Nigerian man warns men

A Nigerian mechanical engineer, Oku, has advised men against asking their wives for DNA tests. 

He gave the advice on Sunday, March 24, while reacting to the ongoing conversation on paternity fraud. 

“PATERNITY FRAUD. Gentlemen, please do not use your hands to destroy your peaceful home because you can’t filter contents on here. Asking your wife for a DNA test is hitting the drum for war. Most innocent women will feel disgusted and you might never have that peaceful home. If there is no reason for a DNA test, stay off unecessary headache. If you must carryout a DNA test, please it should be done in secret. If the result is positive, burn that result and keep moving but if it negative, you have the knife and yam in your hands. Most champions here won’t give y’all this advice. Don’t use your own hands to destroy your home. Non of us here will come save you. Be guided accordingly.” 

Paternity fraud: Don
Paternity fraud: Don


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