How Villagers Hid Guns After We Killed Terrorists – Defence Chief

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, has revealed how villagers his guns after troops killed terrorists.

According to him, this happened when he was the Theatre Commander of Operation Hadin Kai (OPHK) in the Northeast.

The CDS said: “When I was a theater commander in the North East – Harden-Kai – for 19 months – sometimes terrorists would come to a village with weapons to launch an attack and we would kill them, but before we would get there, all the weapons would have been hidden.

“And they would dig them out and attack us from the rear.”

To tackle insecurity, he urged religious leaders and traditional rulers to revisit the country’s value system

“These are things that were alien to us. Unfortunately, we are losing family values. You would find out that even within a family, a brother will kidnap his younger sister and tell their parents to pay.

“It is that bad because the society has been monetised. Everybody thinks that when he gets money his issues are solved. Those are the things we need to address.

“Family values have gone down; that’s why I appeal to religious leaders and traditional rulers to revisit our value system. We must put emphasis on bringing God, faith and sincerity in our lives. Somebody mentioned that Nigerians are religious but not godly,” Musa said.

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