Woman films moment she was shot and killed by her boyfriend

A woman who was reportedly shot dead by her boyfriend managed to capture the fatal attack on video.

Ielly Alves, 23, was killed by a gunshot wound allegedly fired by Diego Fonseca, 27, during an assault at a property in Jataí, Brazil, on Saturday, November 4.

The footage, taken on Alves’ phone, shows Fonseca standing near a window and pointing a weapon at his partner.

Alves could be heard laughing and saying: “Go hun, do it. Wow, so delicious.”

The footage then showed Fonseca pull the trigger, sending Alves and her phone tumbling to the floor.

Woman films moment she was shot and killed by her boyfriend


Following the shooting, Fonseca rushed Alves to Hospital des Clinicas, but she died before doctors could see to her.

Cops visited the hospital and interviewed Fonseca, who reportedly claimed two men on a motorcycle pulled up next to them and fired two shots at his girlfriend.


Woman films moment she was shot and killed by her boyfriend


However, officers noticed inconsistencies in Fonseca’s story and took him to a nearby police station, where, after looking through Alves’ phone, they found the video

Fonseca was arrested and has been charged with murder. A 380 caliber pistol was recovered outside the hospital, close to where he parked his car.

Speaking to Brazilian news outlet G1, Alves’ mother Olesiane said Fonseca spoke to her following the incident and vowed to find her daughter’s killers.

She said: “I found out that she was in the hospital through him. At the medical centre, he hugged me and said, ‘Mother-in-law, whoever did this to her will pay.’”

Olesiane said the pair had been dating for a year and seven months, but her daughter no longer wanted to be in the relationship.

Woman films moment she was shot and killed by her boyfriend


Hours before her death she had even told her mum she was going to break up with Fonseca, according to the heartbroken parent.

She said her daughter cooked a meal for her boyfriend and said: “Mum, I’m going over there and I’ll be back soon.”

Olesiane also claimed Fonseca had been physically violent towards Alves before and she had even needed stitches on her arm after he assaulted her on one occasion in 2022. In another altercation last year Fonseca reportedly beat Alves after he found out she had been talking to an ex-boyfriend.

“There were a few times when they argued and she arrived with some bruises,” the mum added. “I thought it was bad to interfere, but it was difficult.”


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