Why would I leave my mum for some girl?’ – Anthony Joshua says future wife will ‘marry his family’ as he still lives with his mum at 34

British- Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua has revealed that he still lives with his mother, Yeta Odusanya, at the age of 34, and is not ready to move out. 

Joshua moved back into his mother’s two-bedroom ex-council flat in 2017 after earning an estimated £15million from defeating Wladimir Klitschko. 

The British boxer sat down with Louis Theroux to discuss his close relationship with his family and warned his future partner they’ll struggle to convince him to move out.

‘I still live with my mum,’ the two-time world champion told the BBC. ‘In our culture, we grew up in our own family home, we support our parents. 

‘Why am I going to move out and leave my mum by herself, for some girl? Family is the most important thing. 

‘When a girl gets with me, she ain’t just marrying me, she’s marrying my family.’

Joshua, who is not publicly in a relationship, admitted that he likes to keep his personal life private as he cannot live up to the expectations people have of him.

He continued: ‘Are we going to dissect everything I say and use it as a narrative to create a story? That’s why I keep myself to myself.

‘You put all this pressure on yourself to come and be this big star and be perfect.

‘I’m telling you, they’ll pull you down. The higher you are, the bigger the drop.’

Joshua was previously in an on-off relationship with the mother of his child, former school friend Nicole Osbourne.

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