South Korea police arrest head of multinational drug ring operating in Nigeria, Cambodia, and China

A South Korean man has been arrested over involvement in a multinational drug ring that operated in Cambodia, Nigeria and China and smuggled methamphetamine into South Korea.

The South Korea Police announced the arrest in a statement on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

According to the drug crime unit of Seoul Metropolitan Policy, the man in his 50s, identified only by his surname Song, was arrested after being deported from Cambodia on Wednesday, November 1.

Song, the head of the Cambodian business of the drug ring, is accused of ordering a domestic drug distributor surnamed Kim in March to receive 20 kilograms of methamphetamine that Nigerian drug dealers had allegedly smuggled into South Korea and distributed across the country.

Song reportedly had some of the meth distributed in China and Nigeria as well.

The police received intelligence about them from the National Intelligence Service and arrested Kim and other domestic distributors in April, and identified Song and the heads of the ring’s operations in China and Nigeria.

Earlier, the police seized meth worth 62-point-three billion won, enough for some 620-thousand doses, apprehended 76 people linked to the drug ring and arrested 15 of them.

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