“I have lost count of the number of ladies I have slept with” – Actor Don Little

Ghanaian actor, Don Little has opened up about his romantic escapades, revealing that he has lost count of the number of women he has been involved with since attaining stardom.

The actor who appeared as a guest on ‘The Delay Show’, shared that he has been in numerous relationships, emphasizing that it is often the women who approach him.

In response to the curiosity surrounding his ability to attract so many women, the diminutive actor disclosed that most of these encounters happen through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

He explained that he typically arranges meetings in guest houses to maintain privacy and avoid public scrutiny, citing the affordability of a short-term moment in a guest house for 30ghc.

When questioned about how he’s able to satisfy these women in bed, Don Little asserted that his aim is to have fun and reach orgasm and doesn’t care about how the ladies may feel.

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